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Seasonal ski passes

All the Andorran ski resorts within your reach

If you are a passionate skier wishing to explore all the ski resorts and you desire the freedom to choose and change the stations according to your preferences, we have what you are looking for: the Ski Andorra season pass. This season pass will allow you to ski every day of the season at any of the ski resorts in Andorra.

Customers who purchased the Ski Andorra 20/21 season ski pass will have free access to the ski lifts for the 2021 summer.



2020-2021 RATES
Adult (4) 445 €
Adult (65 to 69 anys) (1) (4) 385 €

Promotional price
Regular price
Adult 935,00 € 1.165,00 €
Adult (65 to 69) (1) 460,00 € 570,00 €
Junior (12-17) (2) 790,00 € 985,00 €
Infant (6 to 11) (3) 665,00 € 830,00 €

Ski season insurance (5) 56 €

Promotional price: valid until 8th of December 2020
Prices include sales taxes.

(1) Adult (65 to 69): born between 1951 and 1955. Official ID required.
(2) Junior (12 to 17): born between 2003 and 2008. Official ID required.
(3) Children (6 to 11): born between 2009 and 2014. Official ID required.
(4) Adult resident: an Andorran Passport or a valid Comú (municipal) certificate of residence must be presented.
(5)The season ski insurance must be purchased at the time of the ski pass purchase.
Children up to 5 (born in 2015 or later) can get the daily complimentary ski pass directly from the ticket sales office. The Ski Andorra season pass can be purchased for €30. Official ID is required.

Adults over 70 (born in 1950 or before) who wish to make use of the Ski Andorra season pass must pay €30. This ski pass can only be purchased from the Ski Andorra offices before 31st of December 2020. Official ID is required.


C/ del Valira,2
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Tel (+376) 805 200
Conditions, guarantees and benefits

Renewal discount
Customers who bought a Ski Andorra 2019/2020 season pass can get 5% off their 2020/2021 pass.

Payment in installments
Customers can pay for the season pass in 3 interest-free installments.

The first installment of 50% is paid upon purchase of the season pass. The second  installment of 25% is payable on the 21ST of december 2020 by Paymail, and the last  installment of

25% is payable on the 25/02/2021 by Paymail.

The installment payment  option is available exclusively for Andorran residents and can be requested until  the 27th of November 2020.

Ski Andorra reserves the right to cancel the pass if installments are not paid.

Family discount
Children can get a 15% discount if one of their parents purchases a Ski Andorra season pass.

COVID-19 seasonal guarantee
Ski Andorra offers coverage for all season passes in case the resorts are forced to close due to COVID-19.

If the resorts are closed early and without warning before the 16th of February 2021, when 60% of the season has already been amortized, Ski Andorra will return the value of the unused ski days depending on the type of pass bought. This is done in the form of a personal voucher that can only be used for the following 2021/22 season.

It is calculated that a Ski Andorra adult resident season pass is redeemed in 10 ski days. If the resorts close early and the customer has skied, for example, a total of 7 days, the 3 unused ski days will be returned. Ski days are calculated on the basis of the average pass/day price of the ski resorts and the type of pass.

Season passes that have already been redeemed are not eligible for compensation.

The COVID-19 compensation guarantee expires on 17th of February 2021.

Season passes for skiers 70 years old and above and for children under the age of 6 are excluded from the above conditions and benefits.

5-day ski pass

Discover all of Andorra’s fabulous ski stations with only one pass!

Ski Andorra offers a 5-day ski pass to ski in all of the Andorran resorts, valid for the entire ski season. This ski pass can be purchased at all ski resort ticket offices.

Price for adulto or children: 245 €
5 consecutives or non consecutives days, throughout the season 2020/21.
Handsfree ski pass

For your safety, we recommend you to buy the ski insurance. It must be bought before the first day of use when purchasing the ski pass at the ski resorts offices. Under no circumstances, can it be acquired if the ski pass has already been used.

Price of the ski insurance for the 5 days: 26,25 €