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Main preventive measures against COVID-19 for the season 2021-2022

The COVID certificate is mandatory to access the Andorran ski resorts.

As a result of the evolution of the epidemiological situation related to COVID-19, and according to current legal government request, the COVID certificate is mandatory to access the Andorran ski resorts to practice any ski activities including  ski mountaineering, snowshoes and others activities as well as to access the ski lifts, and enclosed spaces,

Immunity may be proven from the age of 16 by means of one of the following options:
- Certificate of vaccination: with the second dose administered more than 14 days prior or having passed the disease more than 6 months prior and having received one dose of the vaccine more than 14 days ago. 

- Certificate of recovery having had the COVID-19 in the last 6 months. 

- Negative diagnostic test certificate which must be a PCR or TMA done in the last 72 hours or a rapid negative antigen test done in the last 12 hours.

In the following, we have detailed the general measures which will be implemented at the ski resorts:


In order to guarantee the safety of the staff, as well as the reassurance of the visitors and tourists all the staff working at the ski resorts have the COVID certificate. As well the ski resorts will weekly randomly test the staff.


The use of approved mask or neck cover is mandatory:
On lifts, in waiting areas and in the boarding areas of mechanical installations.
In closed spaces, in buildings and in common areas, such as restaurants, schools, shops, etc. 

During the descent while skiing and snowboarding, wearing a mask will not be mandatory, although it is recommended.

The mandatory age to wear a mask is from 6 years. These ages are based on the decree established by the Andorran government.


No capacity limitation is foreseen at the ski stations as skiing, snowboarding, ski mountaineering, etc. is considered an outdoor activities.
• Capacity may be limited to enclosed spaces such as restaurants, schools, shops or equipment rentals, where a social distance of at least 1.5 meters between people is highly recommended.
 As for group sizes, the meetings will be a maximum of 6 people inside and 10 people outside.
There is soap dispensers or hydro-alcoholic gel for the hands at various access points and available to everyone.
Cleaning, disinfection and continuous ventilation of common spaces and at all points of the station will be increased in frequency and diligence.


No capacity limitation for open and ventilated lifts (chairlifts and ski lifts).
The capacity of the closed lifts (cabins) will be subject to the regulations established by the Andorran government for public transport at all times.


The ski schools have adapted their technical teaching protocols to guarantee the safety of clients and instructors.



The COVID certificate is mandatory from 16 yeats old to access all restaurants in the ski resorts.
Restaurant menus are in QR code format to avoid handling paper.
It is recommended to make a reservation in advance for restaurants in order to avoid queues at the premises.
Limited capacity in the restaurant spaces are implemented to guarantee the minimum safety distance.
Removing the mask will only be permitted in the restaurant spaces, once seated at the table.


The use of the ski station mobile apps will be promoted to minimize the handling of ski slope maps and informational materials on paper, as well as making reservations online for the different services of the ski stations.
The online purchase and reservation of ski passes and station services is recommended to avoid going through ticket offices. Ticket sales and collection machines have been incorporated to reinforce self-purchases.
Payment by credit card and contactless devices will be prioritized.



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