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Cookies Policy

1.- General Provisions:

This website uses "cookies", which are small text files that are stored in the browser from which you access this website to allow us, among other things, to obtain information about the date and the time of your visit and the contents selected by you, which on its turn will allow the “Associació Agrupació dels Explotants de Remuntatges Mecànics d'hivern” (hereinafter, “SKI ANDORRA”) to improve the quality and safety of said contents.

We also inform you that this website does not use embedded scripts, web beacons, "pixels", "log files" or any other technologies, apart from the said cookies, to collect information about you and your interactions with our web site.

We inform you that we will only store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this website or comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Group of Article 29 in its opinion 4/2012, on the exemption from the cookie consent requirement. To download the other cookies we will ask for your prior consent, which you may modify or withdraw in accordance with this policy.

In this regard, we inform you that, unlike other website managers, SKI ANDORRA considers that IP addresses and any type of unique identifier (including the one typically used for advertising), are data with which anyone would be able to identify you without investing much effort in it, so SKI ANDORRA considers them personal data. Based on this consideration, we will consider personal data any other information linked in some way by our own or third-party cookies with your IP address or those unique identifiers.

For more information about how SKI ANDORRA treat your personal data, and our contact details, you can consult the privacy policy of our website.

2.- Cookies used on our website:

SKI ANDORRA uses its own and third-party cookies that allow us to manage and improve the services offered, which make up the following typologies:

a) Necessary Functional Cookies:

The necessary functional cookies allow this website to be used by activating basic functions, such as, for example, page navigation.

The website cannot function properly without these cookies.


Supplier Purpose Expiration


Manage sessions of widgets aimed to collect images from webcams installed in the ski resorts themselves to show live the current conditions of the resorts.1 day

DCS Feratel 1 day


Manage the browser windows you may have open on your computer with some page of our website. 1 day

b) Cookies for statistical purposes:

These cookies allow SKI ANDORRA, and/or the other suppliers mentioned below when they act as controllers, to understand how you interact with our web pages, and thus carry out statistical usage analysis aimed to introduce improvements in the products and services offered by the controller.

Cookie Supplier Purpose Expiration


Register a unique identity for the visitor. 2 years
Control the rate of requests. 1 day
Distinguish visitors.1 day


It collects data for Feratel about your visits to the pages of our website that show the webcams managed by this company, such as the number of visits, the average length of stay on this page and which pages were loaded.

1 year

We inform you that we use Google Analytics. You can learn more about how Google collects and processes your data by visiting the following pages from this provider:

Google privacy and terms
Safeguard your data

Additionally, we inform you that you can install in your browser Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and/or Opera, the plugin for not sending data from Google Analytics to Google. This add-on does not prevent your browser from sending data to our website.

3.- Block, disable and/or delete cookies:

SKI ANDORRA informs you that you can manage (allowing, blocking, or deleting) the cookies installed on your device through the configuration menu of your Internet browser, and you can configure it to alert you when a server wants to save them on your device. The following links provide information on how to manage cookies in the major browsers on the market, so that you can decide whether to accept their use.

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools menu> Internet Options> Privacy> Settings.
Firefox: Tools menu> Options> Privacy> Cookies.
Chrome: Options menu> Advanced options> Privacy.
Safari: Preferences / Privacy menu.
Safari for iOS (iPhone and iPad): Settings> Safari option
Chrome for Android: Settings> Website settings> Cookies

Last updated: November 13, 2020